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Instruction of cross-region Steam gift bot (CDkey version)
HaiDaoHai 2019-05-30

Instruction of cross-region Steam gift bot (CDkey version)

How it works

The seller creates a product code and CDKey for the game to be sold in the background, and provides the CDKey to customers.

If the ordered game is not a cross-region game, customers can fill in the CDKey and Steam personal homepage link on the pickup page. The robot automatically adds customers into friends list and purchases the game gift for the customer by using the wallet account.

If the ordered game is a cross-region game, customers can fill in the CDkey and Steam account & password on the pickup page. The robot automatically logs in to customer's Steam account, change the area information and receives Steam gift.


The robot supports for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English operation system. users can switch system language in the top right corner. If users need localization services of other languages, please contact us.

2.Set up store information

Fill in the store name and signature when sending gift on the SteamStore page.

3.Proxy configuration

If you don't need to use cross-region function, skip this part.

Before use cross-region purchasing function, you need to add cross-regional proxy,the VPN. Robot can only purchase game gifts in areas where they have the proxy.

  • Remark: Named the proxy for distinction
  • Country: The country this proxy is in. If users need more regions to purchase game, please contact us.
  • Schema: Use default http.
  • Username&Password, Host, Port: Fill in with the information come from proxy supplier.

4. Add Steam wallet accounts

Steam wallet accounts are the accounts used to buy game for customers.

The default version supports 15 Steam wallet accounts. Contact us to require the version supports more wallet accounts.

Click the "Create" button in SteamWallet page to add Steam wallet accounts.

  • Name: Named the account for distinction
  • Account&Password: The account and password of this wallet account
  • Shared Secret: If Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator of the account is closed, skip this step.

If the account is bound to SDA(Steam Desktop Authenticator), open the maFiles folder in the SDA directory. Use Notepad to open a file named Steam64 bit ID. The string of characters after the shared_secret is the shared secret.

Warning: If Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator of the account is open, users have to fill in Shared Secret bar.

Don't fill in Shared Secret bar if Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator of the account is closed.

Don't fill in Shared Secret bar with current authenticator code.

If E-Mail Verification of the account is open, close it first or the robot cannot use this account.

  • Enable: Robot would not use disabled account to purchase game but still log in to it. Do not log in to this account again.
  • VAC function:Fill in APPID of the game that is not sent buy this wallet account.

A few minutes later the wallet balance would be showed after correctly added.

5.Add game product

Create a product code for the game to let the robot recognize which Steam game the customer needs, then generate CDKeys.

  • Name: Named the game for distinction
  • Game Package: Fill in the APPID&SUBID of this game
  • Steam Price: Fill in the game price of currect country or region. Robot would stop purchasing game and report an error when the balance is lower than game price.
  • Country: The country this game is in. If users need more regions to purchase game, please contact us.

Example of encoded game:

5.1 How to get APPID

The string of numbers on corresponding Steam store URL is APPID of the game.

Sometimes the APPID of the game and its DCL is different.

5.2 How to get SUBID

  • Method 1: Move the mouse to the [Add to Cart] button, the SUBID of corresponding game would showed in the lower left corner.

  • Method 2: Right click and choose view source code, press ctrl+F and search[subid] on the game page.

This method can view all the subid of multiple DLCs, pay attention to the game name is correct or not.

5.3 Bundle

For bundles, fill in the bundleID at SUBID bar and check the [bundle] option and leave a blank at APPID bar.

The method of getting bundleID is similar to method of getting SUBID.

6. Create CDKeys

Users can create CDKeys for encoded game on the GameCode page.

Send CDKeys to customers, then they can use the CDKey to pick up the game by themselves.

On the GameCode page, users can also:

  • Search and select CDKeys, export them by batch.

  • Check if the CDKey is being used and when it is used

  • Cancel the CDKeys that are needless.

7. View activation history

In the [ActiveRecord] , users can check, search and screen each of the order, view activation history and other information.

User can also try to resend the failed orders on this page.

8. Pickup page

Users can edit the text content of pickup page on the Sitepage.

Pictures should be compressed to less than 50kb before upload.

Example of pickup page:

9. Administrator account

Users can creat sub-accounts for other administrators on the User page.

Support 3 accounts to operate the background at the same time. If users need more administrator accounts, please contact us.

10. Working flow

10.1 Price Protection function

Users can switch this function [Price Compare] on the SteamStore page.

When purchasing game, robot would compare the payment amount with the Steam price (mentioned in 5. Add game product), if the payment amount is higher, robot would not deliver the game.This function is for preventing the situation that customers take delivery of game after the discount is over.

The Steam price of a CDKey that used to be compare is decided by the Steam price when the CDkey is generated.


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