Build game purchase websites
We specialize in customizing function of game purchase store for Steam and other platforms
Game Purchasing Robot
E-commerce website
Security reinforcement
Service operation
Our technical projects

Website Technology Stack:
Server: AWS Amazon Cloud or Alibaba Cloud
Django: An open source web application framework
Vue.js: An open source JavaScript framework for creating UI
Steam Robot Technology Stack:
Node.js: An open source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that runs JavaScript on the server side
Steam Desktop Validator: A tool that helps Steam users use verification tokens on Windows

Our advantages
Professional people do professional things. We focus on construction of game purchase websites for Steam-related platform, with a lot of valuable experience and technical accumulation, to provide customers with professional technical support.
Stability and Safety. We have plenty of development experience to fully protect running of the website.
Ongoing maintenance. We provide long-term maintenance services.
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